Acrostic Solution for Sunday, July 15, 2001

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(DAVID) SEDARIS: ME TALK PRETTY ONE DAY — I prefer to believe that inside every television there lives a community of... thumb-size actors.... Fickle gnomes control the weather, and an air conditioner is powered by a team of squirrels, their cheeks packed with ice.

Clues and answers

A.Free of cavitiesSOLID
B.Outflow in the form of a vapor; auraEFFLUVIUM
C."Wine loved I deeply, ___ dearly" ("King Lear")DICE
D.Poem that begins "I sing of arms and the man ..."AENEID
E.Oscar-winning film in which the title character never appearsREBECCA
F.Failing at business (3 wds.)INTHERED
G.Civil War battle of April 6-7, 1862SHILOH
H.Explanation for some magic tricksMIRRORS
I.With accounts settled to mutual satisfaction (hyph.)EVENSTEVEN
J.Hit song from a 1977 musical by Charnin and StrouseTOMORROW
K.The residents of AsgardAESIR
L.Provision in case of abandonmentLIFEBOAT
M.Trifles or gewgaws; fancy foods or delicaciesKICKSHAWS
N.Ruffled pridePIQUE
O.Subject of a popular but inaccurate ballad of 1861REVERE
P.Bluesy Brit inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2000 (2 wds.)ERICCLAPTON
Q.Slangy term for a sports champion's achievementTHREEPEAT
R.Cheap; mediocre (hyph.)TWOBIT
S.1967 Triple Crown winner in baseballYASTRZEMSKI
T.German chemist, co-discoverer of nuclear fission (2 wds.)OTTOHAHN
U.Delicate point; fine distinctionNICETY
V.Complement for some shellsEIGHT
W.Perennial concern of economistsDEFICIT
Y.Their affirmatives are a negative (hyph.)YESMEN
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