Acrostic Solution for Sunday, July 14, 2013

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(WILLIAM) ZINSSER, ON WRITING WELL — Beware of all the slippery new fad words: paradigm and parameter, prioritize and potentialize. They are all weeds that will smother what you write. Don't dialogue with someone you can talk to. Don't interface with anybody.

Clues and answers

A.Animal life adrift in the mainZOOPLANKTON
B.Displaying a bias in a literal way ITALICIZED
C.2005 portrayer of Kong's darling (2 wds.)NAOMIWATTS
D.Reaction to a Poe taleSHUDDER
E.Good to go from port to portSEAWORTHY
F.Plea, petition, solicitationENTREATY
G.Where a line may terminateRAILHEAD
H.Disagreeable, repellent (hyph.)OFFPUTTING
I.Slang for a rightyNORTHPAW
J.Motto of an expansionist (2 wds.)WESTWARDHO
K.Literally, "little wheel"ROULETTE
L.Shown in an incriminating lightIMPLICATED
M.Speculation based on mystical insight into the divine natureTHEOSOPHY
N.Seriously hurting or struggling (4 wds.)INABADWAY
O.Popular tank acquisition (2 wds.)NEONTETRA
P.When the warm-up is over (2 wds.)GAMETIME
Q.Having a global effectWORLDWIDE
R.Makeup for Johnny Depp's Jack SparrowEYELINER
S.Cutter, polisher or engraver of precious stonesLAPIDARY
T.Source of noise pollution in suburbia (2 wds.)LEAFBLOWER
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