Acrostic Solution for Sunday, July 13, 2014

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(KATHERINE) ASHENBURG, THE DIRT ON CLEAN — The medieval world was immeasurably less deodorized than ours. ... So spiritual a character as... Thomas Aquinas approved of incense in church because it masked the prevailing body [odor], which, he admitted, "can provoke disgust."

Clues and answers

A.Fruit salad with miniature marshmallowsAMBROSIA
B.Bags packed with scentsSACHETS
C.Popular fish-and-chips fishHADDOCK
D.Slivovitz or kirsch, e.g. (3 wds.)EAUDEVIE
E.Aromatic liquid used as a solventNAPHTHA
F.Sold as a package dealBUNDLED
G.Creator of the friar-sleuth William of Baskerville (2 wds.)UMBERTOECO
H.Solemn music for a MassREQUIEM
I.Visual aid (2 wds.)GUIDEDOG
J.Modern-day midden (2 wds.)TRASHHEAP
K.Shaky memory; turbidityHAZINESS
L.Superficial tissue layerEPIDERMIS
M.Doctrine of evolutionDARWINISM
N.Bar once sold with the slogan "It floats" (2 wds.)IVORYSOAP
O.Bring back, as a productRELAUNCH
P.Teamsters' meeting place, maybe (2 wds.)TRUCKSTOP
Q.Having a keen sense of smellOSMATIC
R.Monks in trainingNOVICES
S.Moderately amused reactionCHORTLE
T.Water closetLAVATORY
U.Role for Patrick McGoohan in "Braveheart" (2 wds.)EDWARDI
V.Breath mints packaged in tinsALTOIDS
W.Special bulletin (2 wds.)NEWSFLASH
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