Acrostic Solution for Sunday, July 13, 2003

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(O.V.) MICHAELSEN, (THE) WORD PLAY ALMANAC — The palindrome has... been called... Sotadic... after the third century BC Greek poet Sotades. ... Legend has it that he wrote a poem lampooning... King Ptolemy II... who, in retribution, had him sealed in a box and dumped in the sea.

Clues and answers

A.Reflective greeting from the dawn of history? (3 wds.)MADAMIMADAM
B.Combination of "?" and "!" to convey query and emphasisINTERROBANG
C.Chap's farewellCHEERIO
D.What the author Amos Oz writes inHEBREW
F.Flammable liquid used in perfumes, paints and explosivesETHANOL
G.Symbol of one who's brightly sunburnedLOBSTER
H.Ones easily dupedSHEEP
I.Home for many an elderly couple (2 wds.)EMPTYNEST
J."Far from it!" (3 wds.)NOTABIT
K.Jot, particleWHIT
L.Daydreaming; not available at the office, maybe (3 wds.)OUTTOLUNCH
N.Actor who played Ichabod Crane in 1999's "Sleepy Hollow"DEPP
O.Take someone else's cuts? (hyph.)PINCHHIT
P.Pennsylvania university founded on a fortune made from railroading and coalLEHIGH
Q.Tale-telling slave reputedly from PhrygiaAESOP
R.Communication from on high?YODEL
S.Mountain chain with the volcano El MistiANDES
T.Songs of Schubert and MahlerLIEDER
U.Wife in the comic strip "Bringing Up Father"MAGGIE
V.Inclination of the three principal axes of an aircraftATTITUDE
W.Closest blood relative (3 wds.)NEXTOFKIN
X.Disney character with a simian friend named AbuALADDIN
Y.Dairy product named for a town in Somerset, EnglandCHEDDAR
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