Acrostic Solution for Sunday, July 12, 2015

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(MARK) FORSYTH, ELEMENTS OF ELOQUENCE — A poet is not somebody who has great thoughts. That is the menial duty of the philosopher. A poet is somebody who expresses... thoughts... exquisitely. That is the one and only difference between the poet and everybody else.

Clues and answers

A.Living space with zero privacyFISHBOWL
B.Temporary effect of exercising (2 wds.)OXYGENDEBT
D.Suave; effortlessSMOOTH
E.Rowdy lout of a blokeYOBBO
F.Colbert coinage of 2005TRUTHINESS
G.Ankle-covering wearHIGHTOPS
H.Strike in the proofreading stage (2 wds.)EDITOUT
I."In the ___ month of June" (Coleridge)LEAFY
J.Bit of a whirl in the waterEDDY
K.Damaged by voracious insects (hyph.)MOTHEATEN
L.Alternative to a colon or ellipsis (2 wds.)EMDASH
M.Teetotaler, abstainer from alcoholNEPHALIST
N.Ancient Greek actor whose name enduresTHESPIS
O.Finish at a low level?SHOESHINE
P."What a debacle!" (2 wds.)OYVEY
Q.Dactyls and suchFEET
R.One who's self-motivated?EGOTIST
S.Second-biggest Pakistani city after KarachiLAHORE
T.What a good deed provesOWNERSHIP
U.Went off a la GalahadQUESTED
V.Not meriting considerationUNWORTHY
W.What Heathcliff and Isabella do in "Wuthering Heights"ELOPE
X.Storied animal rescue activist?NOAH
Y.Rules of moral conductCODE
Z.Passing assessment? (2 wds.)ESTATETAX
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