Acrostic Solution for Sunday, July 10, 2005

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(MARY H.) KINGSLEY, WEST AFRICAN STUDIES — If you see a thing that looks like a cross between a flying lobster and the figure of Abraxas on a Gnostic gem,... just keep quiet and hope it will go away...; you have... [no chance] in a stand-up fight with a[n]... African insect.

Clues and answers

A.Giant octopus-like sea monster of legendKRAKEN
B.Hypothetically (2 wds.)INTHEORY
C.Zilch, a cipher, diddlyNAUGHT
D.Spewer of empty talk, blowhardGASBAG
E.Built like a wrestlerSINEWY
F.Overcome, as a mortifying experience (2 wds.)LIVEDOWN
G.Personal propertyEFFECTS
H.N.B.A. star born in Shanghai (2 wds.) YAOMING
I.Source of spindrift at seaWHITECAP
J.Chipped stone artifact formed by natureEOLITH
K.Lymphocyte-producing organSPLEEN
L.Player lined up next to a tackle (2 wds.)TIGHTEND
M.1979 film about a real-life mystery writerAGATHA
N.Backup system for averting disaster (hyph.)FAILSAFE
O.In computing, bug-resistant and reliableROBUST
P.Influential Norwegian playwrightIBSEN
Q.Absence of locks, for the most part (2 wds.)CREWCUT
R.G sharp's alter ego (2 wds.)AFLAT
S.Have a bite between mealsNOSH
T.Epiphany for a Zen BuddhistSATORI
U.Liquor made from the century plantTEQUILA
V.Ensign aboard the royal yacht Britannia (2 wds.)UNIONJACK
W.Actual, but not official (2 wds.)DEFACTO
X.Lizard with a crest of scales down its backIGUANA
Y.Component used to strengthen surfboardsEPOXY
Z.Favorite by far (hyph.)SHOOIN
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