Acrostic Solution for Sunday, July 1, 2012

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


FRANK LANGELLA, DROPPED NAMES — Our principal... came in to ask if there might be a volunteer... to audition for the role of an elf in the annual school extravaganza... Mysteriously, my hand shot up... as if having been yanked there by some divine puppeteer.

Clues and answers

A.Slashed picture of 2008? (2 wds.)FROSTNIXON
B.Total on a cash register (2 wds.)RINGUP
C.___ Awards, prizes for crime fictionANTHONY
D.Of or resembling snowNIVEOUS
E.Hang around offering unwanted adviceKIBITZ
F.Seem to defy a natural lawLEVITATE
G.Creature named for its changing shapeAMOEBA
H.One with long stories to tellNOVELIST
I.Minneapolis theater for the performing artsGUTHRIE
J.Wiped out, erased, expungedEFFACED
K.University in Bethlehem, Pa.LEHIGH
L.Land with a tree on its flagLEBANON
M.One skilled in methodical examinationANALYST
N.Microscopic kind of alga with a cell wall of silicaDIATOM
O.Gaudily cheap; a bit disreputableRAFFISH
P.Cyclopean, in a certain respect (hyph.)ONEEYED
Q.Successor to Rolls-Royce's Silver GhostPHANTOM
R.Reptile proliferating in the EvergladesPYTHON
S.Darth Vader's dominion, for exampleEMPIRE
T.Film character who says "I never drink wine"DRACULA
U.Recently created, as a style or artNOUVEAU
V.Pursuit of a toxophiliteARCHERY
W.Unlucky accidentMISHAP
X.Greek Muse of music who's often portrayed with a fluteEUTERPE
Y.Cowled villain in the "Masters of the Universe" TV series and filmSKELETOR
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