Acrostic Solution for Sunday, July 1, 2001

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


PAUL DICKSON: SLANG DICTIONARY — The point at which we speakers of American English are most open-minded would seem to be when we are most open-mouthed. We devour words like pasta, empanadas, souvlakia, quiche lorraine, havarti,... yakitori, and osso bucco.

Clues and answers

A.Carbonated fruit drink at a soda fountainPHOSPHATE
B.Doctor with a 1996 best sellerATKINS
C.Finger-pointing figure (2 wds.)UNCLESAM
D.Expanded through fermentationLEAVENED
E.Dish in a Chinese smorgasbord (2 wds.)DIMSUM
F.Part of the Corn BeltIOWA
G.What's commonly kept in a fiascoCHIANTI
H.Legitimate; authenticKOSHER
I.Sargassum or jelly plantSEAWEED
J.Triple Crown winner of 1935OMAHA
K.Origin of potatoes and chocolate (2 wds.)NEWWORLD
L.Degust, relishSAVOR
M.Half-hearted, indifferentLUKEWARM
N.Embodying traditional values (hyph.)APPLEPIE
O.Foster, maintainNOURISH
P.Southern snack mix itemGOOBER
Q.Chrysler product until 1961DESOTO
R.Container for picnic provisions (2 wds.)ICECHEST
S.Shellfish preparationCHOWDER
T.Shape of a bagel or doughnutTOROID
U.Sick with worry; agitated (3 wds.)INASTEW
V.Most favorableOPTIMUM
W.Site of the Comstock LodeNEVADA
X.Practice temperanceABSTAIN
Y.Cheese named for a town in FranceROQUEFORT
Z.___ Conference, superseded by the Atlantic 10YANKEE
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