Acrostic Solution for Sunday, June 8, 2008

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


WENDY NORTHCUTT, (THE) DARWIN AWARDS (4: INTELLIGENT DESIGN) — True Darwin Award candidates imagine that they live in a world where tigers don't bite, sharks are as cuddly as stuffed animals, and people can fly... . In their minds, steering a motorcycle with their feet just makes sense.

Clues and answers

A.Highest mount in the continental U.S.WHITNEY
B.Large, imposing structureEDIFICE
C.Nickname for a fabled monsterNESSIE
D.Practice work avoidanceDAWDLE
E.Smithers on "The Simpsons," e.g. (2 wds.)YESMAN
F.State-named Springsteen albumNEBRASKA
G.Crossing a bridge, to a gephyrophobeORDEAL
H.Faith-healer title role for Alan RickmanRASPUTIN
I.Pollen-bearing part of a cornstalkTASSEL
J.N.B.A. player in the Big EasyHORNET
K.Four-under-par hole in golfCONDOR
L.Epithet for King EthelredUNREADY
M.Duplicitous in love (hyph.)TWOTIMING
N.Stocky, stout; compactTHICKSET
O.Old Testament interpreter of writing on a wallDANIEL
P.Shocked and appalledAGHAST
Q.Like "Lolita" or "The Good Earth," by Alfred KnopfREJECTED
R.Dreamily melancholyWISTFUL
S.Noble-minded motivationIDEALISM
T.Swell, keen, smartNIFTY
U.Chrome, Allure or Hai Karate, e.g.AFTERSHAVE
V.Be cut down to size, as by a glareWITHER
W.Generalized dreadANGST
X.Suffering from iron deficiency?RUMPLED
Y.Six obols, in ancient timesDRACHMA
Z.Many a Jonathan Swift workSATIRE
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