Acrostic Solution for Sunday, June 7, 2009

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(MICHIO) KAKU, PHYSICS OF THE IMPOSSIBLE — [W]riters of... Star Trek... were so stung by... criticism from physicists that they added "Heisenberg compensators" to explain their teleporters... Today, because of a recent breakthrough, physicists can teleport atoms across a room...

Clues and answers

A.TV character in apartment 5BKRAMER
B.Classic Atari arcade gameASTEROIDS
C.Boat similar to a yawlKETCH
D.Buoyancy; forcible rise of the earth's crustUPTHRUST
E.Utterance from a conjurerPRESTO
F.Lamp on a lonely road at night (2 wds.)HIGHBEAM
G.Master of many an asanaYOGI
H.Third-lightest flavor of quarkSTRANGE
I.Potential cause of broken limbs (2 wds.)ICESTORM
J.Virtual reality milieuCYBERSPACE
K.Tom ___, inventive genius of fictionSWIFT
L.Eye-tricking works (2 wds.)OPART
M.Able to pass through the tiniest holesFINEST
N.Precedent-setting legal action (2 wds.)TESTCASE
O.Discoverer of Uranus and infrared lightHERSCHEL
P.Whence electrons flow in a transistorEMITTER
Q.King forever revolving in TartarusIXION
R.Brief but brilliantMETEORIC
S.Move stealthily or cautiouslyPUSSYFOOT
T.Tiny bivalve also called a seed shrimpOSTRACOD
U.Land in the water (2 wds.)SPLASHDOWN
V.Aid for photographing a bullet in flight, e.g.STROBE
W.Restless, unable to sit stillITCHY
X.Signs of decay observed in a lab (2 wds.)BETARAYS
Y.One of four Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesLEONARDO
Z.Traveling in quest of adventureERRANT
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