Acrostic Solution for Sunday, June 6, 2021

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(WILLIAM) LEAST HEAT-MOON, BLUE HIGHWAYS — [T]he farther west the river..., the more honest the names become: Stinking Water Branch, Dead Horse Fork,... Damnation Creek. Perhaps the old... prospectors figured settlers would be slower to build along a river named Calamity.

Clues and answers

A.Place for a soul to get a drink and forget it all?LETHE
B.Fire proof?EMBERS
C.U.S. site of a big 1964 earthquakeANCHORAGE
D."Human kindness has never weakened the ____ or softened the fiber of a free people": F.D.R.STAMINA
F.Two-Pinocchio claim (hyph.)HALFTRUTH
G.Classic ballad by Marty Robbins (2 wds.)ELPASO
H.Inanimate feathered flierARROW
I.Bridge propTRESTLE
J.Classic treatment for rheumatism (2 wds.)MUDBATH
K.Painter who lived at Ghost Ranch in New MexicoOKEEFFE
L.Pack in cheek by jowlOVERCROWD
M.Given a score; dentateNOTCHED
N.What puts a bit in the mouth?BRIDLE
O.John Sayles film shot near the Rio Grande (2 wds.)LONESTAR
P.Behind the rafters?UPSTREAM
Q.Nebraska's Pine Ridge or Utah's Book Cliffs, for exampleESCARPMENT
R.Dam connected with Lake MeadHOOVER
T.Maker of Les Paul guitarsGIBSON
U.Noxious member of the carrot familyHOGWEED
V.Derecho, haboob or chinookWINDSTORM
W.On, as a steedASTRIDE
X.Town in the Shasta Valley known for its former bakeryYREKA
Y.Protect from the elementsSHELTER
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