Acrostic Solution for Sunday, June 6, 2010

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


SY MONTGOMERY, THE GOOD GOOD PIG — Everything about a pig makes people want to laugh... with joy: the way their lardy bulk can mince along gracefully on tiptoe hooves, the way their tails curl, their... flexible nose disks, their great, greedy delight in eating.

Clues and answers

A.Razorback, Duroc, Poland China, etc.SWINE
B.Foul, disgusting, unappealingYUCKY
C.Setting for the sitcom "Happy Days"MILWAUKEE
D.Round with flattened ends, like a pumpkinOBLATE
E.Much-anthologized Isaac Asimov science-fiction short storyNIGHTFALL
F.Good at conserving resourcesTHRIFTY
G.Aloha, ciao or shalomGREETING
H.Goal; unbiasedOBJECTIVE
I.Strong, puissant, powerfulMIGHTY
J.Protection for a skateboarder (2 wds.)ELBOWPAD
K.Serving of baconRASHER
L.Home with a domeYURT
M.The Green Wave, in college sportsTULANE
N.Hog featured in "Easy Rider"HARLEY
O.Writer Huxley noted for her memoirs of colonial KenyaELSPETH
P.Typically blue alpine flowerGENTIAN
Q.Demand too much ofOVERTAX
R.One of a select few in powerOLIGARCH
S.Exquisite; delectableDAINTY
T.Strikingly lifelikeGRAPHIC
U.More than make up for; surpass in importanceOUTWEIGH
V.Expression coming out of a penOINK
W.One confined but not chargedDETAINEE
X.Project for a novice at crochetPOTHOLDER
Y.Key that isn't for opening locksISLET
Z.Wet-weather wearGALOSHES
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