Acrostic Solution for Sunday, June 5, 2011

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


SAM KEAN, (THE) DISAPPEARING SPOON — Nebuchadnezzar, the king who built the Hanging Gardens of Babylon..., used a noxious antimony-lead mix to paint his palace walls yellow. Perhaps not coincidentally, he... went mad, sleeping outdoors... and eating grass like an ox.

Clues and answers

A.Second banana, in vaudevilleSTOOGE
B.Do as Diocletian did in A.D. 305ABDICATE
C.Feature-packed entertainment center?MULTIPLEX
D.Annual festival involving seven candlesKWANZAA
E.Pass in a relay raceEXCHANGE
F.Family name in TV's "The Wonder Years"ARNOLD
G.Fix securely; finalize (2 wds.)NAILDOWN
H.Slow on the uptake, obtuseDOLTISH
I.Uncertain; pending (2 wds.)INDOUBT
J.Pigment utilized in cave artSIENNA
K.Meaning of "bodhi" in BuddhismAWAKENING
L.Apparition, specter, ghostPHANTASM
M.This very minute, A.S.A.P.PRONTO
N.Hardware item with a hole in its headEYEBOLT
O.Peril posed by an anacondaASPHYXIA
P.Justly claimed, legitimateRIGHTFUL
Q.Like air affected by lightningIONIZED
R.Nutmeg State whaling hub, once (2 wds.)NEWLONDON
S.Excessively ornate or elaborateGARISH
T.Attribute of salts (2 wds.)SEALEGS
U.Thick-skinned sortPACHYDERM
V.Surreptitiously, sub rosa (3 wds.)ONTHESLY
W.Touch, as two curves in geometryOSCULATE
X.Dwarf of Teutonic legendNIBELUNG
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