Acrostic Solution for Sunday, June 4, 2000

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


BARRY LOPEZ, ARCTIC DREAMS — No wild frenzy of feeding distinguishes the... summer. But for the sudden movements of charging wolves and bolting caribou, the gambols of muskox calves,... the swoop of a jaeger, the Arctic is a long, unbroken bow of time.

Clues and answers

A.One method of surveillanceBUGGING
B.George Eliot's village carpenter (2 wds.)ADAMBEDE
C.Wild party with raucous musicRAVE
D.Mingle, associate (2 wds.)RUBELBOWS
E.Leader who called Communism "pie in the sky"YELTSIN
F.Insect beneficial to gardenersLACEWING
G.Not prepared (hyph.)OFFTHECUFF
H."Peter and the Wolf" composerPROKOFIEV
I.On-line symbol read sideways, such as ;-)EMOTICON
J.Sacred edifice of the SumeriansZIGGURAT
K.Cleared, as from blame or dutyABSOLVED
L.Would-be emigre from the former Soviet UnionREFUSENIK
M.Style of bungalow designed by Gustav StickleyCRAFTSMAN
O.Chart-topping hit for 12 weeks in 1940 (3 wds.)INTHEMOOD
P.Split, like some hoovesCLEFT
Q.State flower of North CarolinaDOGWOOD
R.Walter Payton's forteRUSHING
S.Songwriter for "The Lion King" (2 wds.)ELTONJOHN
T.Liqueur banned in France in 1915ABSINTHE
U.Chanterelle or boletusMUSHROOM
V.Intuitive faculty (2 wds.)SIXTHSENSE
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