Acrostic Solution for Sunday, June 30, 2013

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


SADIE JONES, (THE) UNINVITED GUESTS — [T]he edge of the gardens formed a ha-ha... bordered by a knee-high... hedge... . [C]hildren... used to take running jumps off the apparent precipice, terrifying visitors..., only to emerge laughing hilariously, covered with dandelion fluff... .

Clues and answers

A.Clever bit of trickerySLEIGHT
B.Give unsolicited solicitous adviceADMONISH
C.Full-size Dodge S.U.V.DURANGO
D."Peter Pan" song sung by Peter Pan (2 wds.)IMFLYING
E.Game that introduced jokers as cardsEUCHRE
F.Ballet company based in ChicagoJOFFREY
G.Gauge of interest in a used carODOMETER
H."A woman is closest to being ___ when she is well dressed" (Coco Chanel)NAKED
I.What a certain theory in physics seeks to explainEVERYTHING
J.Patty in the World Golf Hall of FameSHEEHAN
K.Change to a new software versionUPGRADE
L.Commoner variety of jadeNEPHRITE
M."Napoleon Dynamite" settingIDAHO
N.Copacabana or Studio 54, e.g.NIGHTCLUB
O.Vladimir Lenin wore oneVANDYKE
P.Chip off the old block?ICEBERG
Q.Precursor to some drillingTOOTHACHE
R.Insect with pincerlike rear appendagesEARWIG
S.Hinged extender (2 wds.)DROPLEAF
T.Well above average in talentGIFTED
U.Open to the breezeUNFURL
V.Drug that treats asthma and allergies EPHEDRINE
W.Weed that's been wrapped in paperSPLIFF
X.Animal clocked at 5 m.p.h., topsTORTOISE
Y.Engage in a smear campaignSLANDER
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