Acrostic Solution for Sunday, June 30, 2002

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(ROBERT) SAPOLSKY, A PRIMATE'S MEMOIR — According to the books,... the alpha male [baboon]... spearheaded the hunts, defended against predators, kept the females in line, changed the lightbulbs, fixed the car, blah blah blah. ... Most of that turned out to be wrong, naturally.

Clues and answers

A.Composition of Enchanted MesaSANDSTONE
B.Clear of the bottom, at seaAWEIGH
C.Choice in a brewpub (2 wds.)PALEALE
D.Hinterland, sticksOUTBACK
E.Opposite of a shellbackLANDLUBBER
F.Form of overtime (2 wds.)SUDDENDEATH
G.Chow chow chowKIBBLE
H.1983 film in which an actress plays the lead role of a young manYENTL
I.Eventually; voluminously (2 wds.)ATLENGTH
J.Fountain drink made from syrup and carbonated waterPHOSPHATE
K.Substance that may induce an antigenic response (2 wds.)RHFACTOR
L.Highly detailed (hyph.)INDEPTH
M.Overly protective sort (2 wds.)MOTHERHEN
N.Lingering sensation, often unpleasantAFTERTASTE
O.Stress from twistingTORSION
P.Jazz guitar virtuoso of the 1920's-30's (2 wds.)EDDIELANG
Q.Zori or huaracheSANDAL
R.Brand name of some collectible miniature vehiclesMATCHBOX
S.Hatching facilitators (2 wds.)EGGTEETH
T.Defer indefinitelyMOTHBALL
U.Unconventional, eccentricOFFBEAT
V.Rival for Katrina's hand in a classic taleICHABOD
W.Maker of jams (2 wds.)RUSHHOUR
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