Acrostic Solution for Sunday, June 3, 2012

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(KATE) ATKINSON, EMOTIONALLY WEIRD — I have... hair that usually exists only in the imagination of artists and can be disturbing to see on the head of a real woman.... It is the color of nuclear sunsets... but on me the corkscrewing curls are clownish and... carroty.

Clues and answers

A.Broadcast of bad actors, e.g.ANAGRAM
B.Resembling what grows out of the scalpTRICHOID
C.Difficult to solve or straightenKNOTTY
D.What can be meant by "INCHES
E."Hold your horses there, pal" (3 wds.)NOTSOFAST
F.Impediment to a smooth kiss?STUBBLE
G.Where Stephen Hawking studied physicsOXFORD
H.Island city with a Junkanoo festivalNASSAU
I.Celebrated thinker with an unruly doEINSTEIN
J.Quite a lot to expressMOUTHFUL
K.Lacking any reservationsOUTRIGHT
L.Hard-to-comb growthTHATCH
M."As ___ as a new-laid egg" (W. S. Gilbert)INNOCENT
N.Rock rich in hydrocarbons (2 wds.)OILSHALE
O.Land found by the PevensiesNARNIA
P.Author of "Saving Fish From Drowning" (2 wds.)AMYTAN
Q.Home of the Kansas JayhawksLAWRENCE
R.World-weary private eye of Ross Macdonald (2 wds.)LEWARCHER
S.Palinesque affirmative (2 wds.)YOUBETCHA
T.Arachne, for oneWEAVER
U.Natural problem for some banksEROSION
V.Less than cogent reasoningILLOGIC
W.Spanner of nine time zonesRUSSIA
X.Not happy -- at being shorn?DISTRESSED
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