Acrostic Solution for Sunday, June 3, 2001

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


CAROLYN WELLS: (THE) REST OF MY LIFE — [L]ooking up things... is the most ravenous time-snatcher I know. You pull one book from the shelf, which... sends you posthaste to another book.... It is incredible, the number of books you hopefully open and disappointedly close....

Clues and answers

A.Main export of UzbekistanCOTTON
B.The Fate who cuts the thread of lifeATROPOS
C.Dangerous current for swimmersRIPTIDE
D.Wisconsin base of the Naturist SocietyOSHKOSH
E.She called for the first national women's rights convention, 1850 (2 wds.)LUCYSTONE
F.Young hooligan, in British slangYOBBO
G.Radiant ring around the head of a pictured saintNIMBUS
H.Conclusion; like some toysWINDUP
I.Short-bodied dog trained for hunting and herdingELKHOUND
K.Mindlessly-followed rigid routineLOCKSTEP
L.Bristol fashionSHIPSHAPE
M.Butt of a Jeff Foxworthy jokeREDNECK
N.Leading American 19th-century Shakespearean actor (2 wds.)EDWINBOOTH
O.Sea nymph who's part woman and part birdSIREN
P.Belief that nature has purpose and designTELEOLOGY
Q.Without charge (3 wds.)ONTHEHOUSE
R.Southern latitudes called "roaring" by sailorsFORTIES
S.Common Dutch topping for French friesMAYONNAISE
T.River flowing to the Bering SeaYUKON
U.Metal derived from spodumene or amblygoniteLITHIUM
V.Insect with large eyelike spots on its wings (2 wds.)IOMOTH
W.Site of the Lowell ObservatoryFLAGSTAFF
X.Ancient Greek youth commencing training for full Athenian citizenshipEPHEBUS
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