Acrostic Solution for Sunday, June 29, 2003

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(CURTIS F.) BROWN, STAR-SPANGLED KITSCH — [C]amp mocks bad taste; kitsch exploits it. ... Mae West, whose... provocative delivery, eye-rolling, lip-pursing, and pelvic tics parody the conventional invitation to dalliance, is never out of control and is camp, pure and simple.

Clues and answers

A.High-muck-a-muck (2 wds.)BIGSHOT
B.Short on patience; stubbornRESTIVE
C.Plant that caused a war in China, 1839-42 (2 wds.)OPIUMPOPPY
D.Document surrendering a legal rightWAIVER
E.Possible outcome of a boxing match (2 wds.)NOCONTEST
F.Outline describing how things may unfoldSCENARIO
G."The race of truth," in cycling circles (2 wds.)TIMETRIAL
H.Aquatic Mexican salamanderAXOLOTL
I.Fraud's antithesis (2 wds.)REALMCCOY
J.Minimize the importance of, downplay (hyph.)SOFTPEDAL
K.Bulgarian city known as Philippopolis under Macedonian rulePLOVDIV
L.Flavoring for beef jerky, also called pimentoALLSPICE
M.Half of America's Singing Sweethearts (2 wds.)NELSONEDDY
N.Composition of Yosemite's Half DomeGRANITE
O.Done out of desperation (hyph.)LASTDITCH
P.Gender-neutral, in languageEPICENE
Q.Person possessing a certain form of immunityDIPLOMAT
R.Bavarian fare often served with sauerkrautKNACKWURST
S.How biological processes normally occur (2 wds.)INVIVO
T.Natural disaster resulting from Krakatoa's eruption in 1883TSUNAMI
U.Submit by mail (2 wds.)SENDIN
V.Flight of fancy, whimCAPRICE
W.One with meager possessions (hyph.)HAVENOT
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