Acrostic Solution for Sunday, June 26, 2016

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(BETH) SHAPIRO, HOW TO CLONE A MAMMOTH — The mammoth... may be one of the least potentially annoying... candidates for de-extinction. The most appropriate habitat... is... the Arctic, where human populations are... small and... the mammoth is not likely to get in their way.

Clues and answers

A.Dramatic event in "The Martian" or "Dune"SANDSTORM
B.Majestic perch atop an elephantHOWDAH
C.Bring to life; stir to actionANIMATE
D.Read with thoroughnessPERUSE
E.Complete and unblemishedINTACT
F.Censure; checking of a mathematician's work?REPROOF
G.Wildflower of the primrose familyOXLIP
H.Clamp for stopping bleedingHEMOSTAT
I.More than match wits withOUTTHINK
J.Like Siberia, stereotypicallyWINTRY
K.Possible casualty of a bad parking jobTAILLIGHT
L.Bush replacementOBAMA
M.Dialect spoken in southern ChinaCANTONESE
N.Actuarial figure (2 wds.)LIFESPAN
O.Site of an ancient giant statue of ZeusOLYMPIA
P.Irksome member of the genus UrticaNETTLE
Q.Mutual loathingENMITY
R.Epitome of ruthlessnessATTILA
S.Epoch when apes aroseMIOCENE
T.Ayn Rand or H. G. Wells, in terms of beliefATHEIST
U.Thrash metal band with the 2016 album "Dystopia"MEGADETH
V.Out-of-control rioting, chaosMAYHEM
W.Going along with the plan (2 wds.)ONBOARD
X.Like many a luau in ambienceTORCHLIT
Y.Link through matrimony, in a way?HYPHENATE
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