Acrostic Solution for Sunday, June 22, 2008

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


PAUL HOFFMAN, KING'S GAMBIT — Fischer's adversaries knew that he derived unwholesome pleasure from ravishing them. When [he] was alone..., psyching himself up for a... game, people... would hear him shout... Slam! Bam! Zowie! as he banged pieces down on the board.

Clues and answers

A.Business symbolized by three gold globes hanging from a barPAWNSHOP
B.Wearer of a cassock, rochet and zucchettoARCHBISHOP
C.Position of advantage or control (2 wds.)UPPERHAND
D.Neighborhood restraining order? (2 wds.)LEASHLAW
E.Means of gaining an inch or two (2 wds.)HIGHHEELS
F.Proverbial purveyors of tales (2 wds.)OLDWIVES
G.Concern of a limnologist (2 wds.)FRESHWATER
H.Gunslinger's technique for rapid fire; means of displaying playing cardsFANNING
I.Supplier of power or speedMOTOR
J.Enough to elicit a "Wow!"AWESOME
K.Militarily restricted airspace (hyph., 2 wds.)NOFLYZONE
L.Premier when Mikhail Tal was chess champKHRUSHCHEV
M.One hosting the 1972 Spassky matchICELANDER
N.Be a pretentious conversationalist (hyph.)NAMEDROP
O.Something that shouldn't be looked at too closely (2 wds.)GIFTHORSE
P.Had a few ups and downsSEESAWED
Q.Signal to proceed as planned (hyph.)GOAHEAD
R.Oscar-winning film about a boorish prodigyAMADEUS
S.Where past things are presentMUSEUM
T.Home of a pampered queenBEEHIVE
U.Unable to budgeIMMOBILE
V.Scene in "The Wizard of Oz"; party entertainment since 1966TWISTER
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