Acrostic Solution for Sunday, June 21, 2009

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


SUE GRAFTON, B IS FOR BURGLAR — My standard breakfast of bacon,... eggs, toast, jelly, and orange juice, with coffee... contains every element I crave: caffeine, salt, sugar, cholesterol, and fat. ... In California,... eating such a meal is regarded as a suicide attempt.

Clues and answers

A.Openly shocked or bewildered (hyph.)SLACKJAWED
B.Principle that nature's laws hold throughout the cosmosUNIFORMITY
C."Be virtuous and you will be ___" (Mark Twain)ECCENTRIC
D.Game in which books are made (2 wds.)GOFISH
E.An answer to an answerREJOINDER
F.Birds of a regionAVIFAUNA
G.Extreme in one's enthusiasmFANATIC
H.Sci-fi tale of a teleportation-lab fiasco (2 wds.)THEFLY
I.Dish whose name is derived from the Latin word "lamella," meaning "thin plate"OMELET
J."Sorry, but that's impossible" (3 wds.)NOCANDO
K.Cow-bison hybridBEEFALO
L.Per Shakespeare, what not to admit "to the marriage of true minds"IMPEDIMENTS
M.Blue stateSADNESS
N.Out of a guy's usual rangeFALSETTO
O.8/14 of an Italian sonnetOCTAVE
P.Fail to follow suit when required and ableRENEGE
Q.Allow air to pass through, as a fabricBREATHE
R.One who may take another's roleUNDERSTUDY
S.Unkempt, disorderly; motleyRAGTAG
T.Seeming to require an epoch to moveGLACIAL
U.Prudhomme's successor at Commander's Palace, New OrleansLAGASSE
V.Taking self-denial a bit farASCETIC
W.Believer in Ethiopia as the true ZionRASTAFARIAN
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