Acrostic Solution for Sunday, June 20, 2010

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


A.A. MILNE, A TABLE NEAR THE BAND — Your family, like every other..., has a language of its own, consisting of unintelligible catch phrases, favorite but not generally known quotations, obscure allusions, and well-tried but not intrinsically humorous... jokes.

Clues and answers

A.Of first importance (2 wds.)ABOVEALL
B.Nervously excitedATWITTER
C.Simpleton; freak; daydreamerMOONCALF
D.It's good for a balloonist, bad for an investorINFLATION
E.Actor buried in the garb of a vampireLUGOSI
F.Yearly medal for children's literatureNEWBERY
G.Argument that refutes another argument, in logicELENCHUS
H.Finds in flea markets and junk shopsANTIQUES
I.Great novelist who called Shakespeare "trivial and positively bad"TOLSTOY
J.What the Beach Boys claimed to get in 1964AROUND
K.Rider of a penny-farthing or tandemBICYCLIST
L.Facial trait described lightly? (2 wds.)LANTERNJAW
M.Hungry for what another hasENVIOUS
N.Discouraging adherence to culinary wareNONSTICK
O.Study of winemaking (var.)ENOLOGY
P.Telling the future by interpreting omensAUGURY
R.Lead down a dangerous pathTEMPT
S.Athletes playing for UConnHUSKIES
T.Floor above the ground floorENTRESOL
U.Greeting from Pooh? (2 wds.)BEARHUG
V.Emperor beginning in 1989AKIHITO
W.Basic, sans bells and whistles (hyph.)NOFRILLS
X.Evidence of a nearby man-eater (2 wds.)DORSALFIN
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