Acrostic Solution for Sunday, June 18, 2000

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


F(REEMAN) DYSON, TO TEACH OR NOT TO TEACH — I belonged to a small minority of boys who were lacking in physical strength and athletic prowess.... We found ... refuge in science.... We learned ... that science is a territory of freedom and friendship in the midst of tyranny.

Clues and answers

A.Tropical South American stingers (2 wds.)FIREANTS
B.One wielding a bifurcated toolDOWSER
C.Composer of "No, No, Nanette"YOUMANS
D.What some stores close their doors forSIESTA
E.Crimson banner carried by the French at AgincourtORIFLAMME
F.Abode of the dead, in Norse mythologyNIFLHEIM
G.Holey cheese made from cow's milkTILSIT
H.Inventor with an uplifting ideaOTIS
I.Feeder of the Shatt-al-ArabTIGRIS
J.A match director's starting call to the contestants (2 wds.)ENGARDE
K.Sisters who sang "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy"ANDREWS
L.Having a hidden or ambiguous meaningCRYPTIC
N.Operetta composer (1819-80) who influenced Johann StraussOFFENBACH
O.Creator of TV's "Star Trek"RODDENBERRY
P."Quaff this kind ___ and forget the lost Lenore" (Poe)NEPENTHE
Q.Spanish pot or its stewOLLA
R.Game once called SphairistikeTENNIS
S.Check; rile (2 wds.)TICKOFF
T.River that circled the earth, in mythOCEANUS
U.Like some radio communication (hyph.)TWOWAY
V.Having achieved prajna or satoriENLIGHTENED
W.Innate idea or original patternARCHETYPE
X.Lass with a lassoCOWGIRL
Y.Female of the red deerHIND
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