Acrostic Solution for Sunday, June 17, 2012

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(TEMPLE) GRANDIN, THINKING IN PICTURES — The Lord's Prayer was incomprehensible until I broke it down into... images. The power and the glory were represented by a... rainbow and an electrical tower. ... When I think about [will], I imagine God throwing a lightning bolt.

Clues and answers

A.Sparkle like snow in the sunGLISTEN
B.Lady ___, Winston Churchill's motherRANDOLPH
C.Greeting on Talk Like a Pirate Day (2 wds.)AHOYTHERE
D.Supernova remnant, maybeNEBULA
E.Etch A Sketch outputDRAWING
F.Isolated rock hill or mountain rising abruptly from the surrounding terrainINSELBERG
G."I'm ___! Who are you?" (poem by Emily Dickinson)NOBODY
H.Metaphorical place for a person in a difficult positionTIGHTROPE
I.Where Piccadilly Line passengers may be goingHEATHROW
J.Significance, gravity, weightIMPORT
K.Nincompoop, bonehead, sapNITWIT
L.Wisconsin birthplace of Orson WellesKENOSHA
M.Place to practice curling (2 wds.)ICERINK
N.App that's free to try, but with prompts to payNAGWARE
O.Part of an ensembleGARMENT
P.Bill ___, clown who played Mr. Noodle on "Sesame Street"IRWIN
Q.Guest on a game show hosted by Bob EubanksNEWLYWED
R.Key figure in boogie-woogie musicPIANIST
S.Neither here nor there (2 wds.)INLIMBO
T.Gaelic dance partyCEILIDH
U.Apple iPad or Kindle FireTABLET
V.Like acoustic instruments or LudditesUNWIRED
W.Sam Seaborn portrayer on "The West Wing" (2 wds.)ROBLOWE
X.Nestling prone to fratricideEAGLET
Y.Honda Ruckus or Yamaha ZumaSCOOTER
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