Acrostic Solution for Sunday, June 16, 2013

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


BILL COSBY, ON FATHERHOOD — [M]y father did try... not to curse... . Having to squelch the profanities... reduced him to saying such things as, "If you ever... because you're a... and I swear I'll..." For many years... I thought my father was... unable to complete a sentence.

Clues and answers

A.Subject to a change of viewBRAINWASH
B.Bias, unfairnessINEQUITY
C.Drift apart, as friends might (2 wds.)LOSETOUCH
D.Prone to turn on the waterworksLACHRYMOSE
E.One serving a functionCATERER
F.Facility called a "dunny" in AustraliaOUTHOUSE
G.640-acre chunk of land, out WestSECTION
H.1961 doo-wop hit written by Rodgers and Hart (2 wds.)BLUEMOON
I.Sport that may be wind-assistedYACHTING
J.Pack more than you shouldOVERSTUFF
K.Cablevision media purchase of 2008NEWSDAY
L.Emanation from Tinker Bell's wand (2 wds.)FAIRYDUST
M.Beef up, expand, add toAUGMENT
N.Moliere play about a pious hypocriteTARTUFFE
O.Built like Santa ClausHEAVYSET
P.Place for a bibliophile (2 wds.)EASYCHAIR
Q.Style heard in the soundtrack for "The Sting"RAGTIME
R.Target when planning for a strikeHEADPIN
S.Workers who harvest by raking bedsOYSTERMEN
T.The Venerable Bede's native tongue (2 wds.)OLDENGLISH
U.Marked down a lot (hyph.)DIRTCHEAP
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