Acrostic Solution for Sunday, June 14, 2015

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


MEGHAN DAUM, THE UNSPEAKABLE — Dogs are incapable of being anything but themselves. Show me a dog that puts on airs or laughs politely at an unfunny joke and I'll show you a human in a dog costume, possibly one owned and licensed by... Walt Disney.

Clues and answers

A.Singer who said "I am my own work of art"MADONNA
B.First inductee into the National Inventors Hall of FameEDISON
C.Home of the University of StrathclydeGLASGOW
D.Interval from B to C, e.g. (2 wds.)HALFSTEP
E.Home to about one in five IvoriansABIDJAN
F.1998 Winter Olympics hostNAGANO
G.Popular soap of the 1980sDYNASTY
H.What science is to superstition, per Adam SmithANTIDOTE
I.Balmy, batty, bonkersUNHINGED
J.Shipboard computer in "Alien"MOTHER
K.Some motel furnishings (2 wds.)TWINBEDS
L.Pals from your neighborhoodHOMEBOYS
N.Marked improvement, as in the stock marketUPSWING
O.Small, bright body in the head of a comet NUCLEUS
P.Name for a DalmatianSPOT
Q.Shakespearean cross-dresserPORTIA
R.Gravy train (2 wds.)EASYMONEY
S.Virgin Mary's lackALCOHOL
T.Neighbors of bishopsKNIGHTS
U.Eponym of a society of naturalistsAUDUBON
V.Member of a small septetBASHFUL
W.Having a legal eagle's mannerLAWYERLY
X.Event prompting yard signsELECTION
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