Acrostic Solution for Sunday, June 13, 2004

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


TIMOTHY EGAN, LASSO THE WIND — [T]he West will leave most... [with] a sense of light-headed exuberance. ... Who can look at rivers that boil out of the ground, or Las Vegas at dawn, or the hunchbacked, flute-playing Kokopelli incised on... sandstone, and not laugh?

Clues and answers

A.Director of "Shoot the Piano Player," 1960TRUFFAUT
B.Emanation from a blatherskite (2 wds.)IDLETALK
C.Appropriate color for Robinson Crusoe?MAROON
D.Gertrude Stein's childhood West Coast homeOAKLAND
E.Roger on the radio (hyph.)TENFOUR
F.Wildflower also called a liverleafHEPATICA
G.Gourmet potato with yellow flesh (2 wds.)YUKONGOLD
H.San Marino or Lesotho, geographicallyENCLAVE
I.Article on Gypsy Rose Lee, perhaps (hyph.)GSTRING
J.One who pleads on another's behalfADVOCATE
K.Port in the English county of Tyne and WearNEWCASTLE
L.Heinrich Heine poem with the line "And a wild song singeth she" (with "The")LORELEI
M.Option for a frosting in a salon (hyph.)ASHBLOND
N.Game played on a diamond with no stealing allowed (2 wds.)SLOWPITCH
O.Rectangular frame with a glass panel, used for displays (2 wds.)SHADOWBOX
P.Blunt; thickheadedOBTUSE
Q.Fund-raising event often featuring celebritiesTELETHON
R.Botheration, annoyance, tie-up, runaroundHASSLE
S.Musical quaver (2 wds.)EIGHTHNOTE
T.Adolescent prank involving underwearWEDGIE
U.Privy to certain information (3 wds.)INTHEKNOW
V.Winner of the Preakness and Belmont in 1955NASHUA
W.Frenzied dancer, as a Sufi asceticDERVISH
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