Acrostic Solution for Sunday, June 12, 2005

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


H.L. MENCKEN, (A MENCKEN) CHRESTOMATHY — Man is the yokel par excellence, the booby unmatchable, the king dupe of the cosmos. He is... unescapably deceived... by his... talent for searching out and embracing what is false, and for overlooking and denying what is true.

Clues and answers

A.Tragic flaw, in literatureHAMARTIA
B.Hockey position; part of a political party (2 wds.) LEFTWING
C.Property of a sound argumentMERIT
D.Greek philosopher who espoused the pursuit of happinessEPICURUS
E.Lacking knowledge; agnosticNESCIENT
F.Strength of reasoning, persuasivenessCOGENCY
G.Nitwit, dunce, lamebrainKNUCKLEHEAD
H.Item lending support to a conclusionEVIDENCE
I.In a state of perplexityNONPLUSSED
J.Practice of a quack or mountebankCHARLATANRY
K.Philosopher who described life as "solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short"HOBBES
L.Ancient Hindu scripture (hyph.)RIGVEDA
M.Like Siddhartha after sitting under a bo treeENLIGHTENED
N.Catchword for demonstrating membership in a groupSHIBBOLETH
O.Be condescending (2 wds.)TALKDOWN
P.Use anything but clear languageOBFUSCATE
Q.Attitude toward women shared by Nietzsche and AristotleMISOGYNY
R.Easy to get along with, congenialAFFABLE
S.Author of "The Age of Reason" (2 wds.)THOMASPAINE
T.Not in accordance with established beliefs, as in theologyHETERODOX
U.Irrational savages in the land of the HouyhnhnmsYAHOOS
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