Acrostic Solution for Sunday, June 11, 2006

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


BERTHA DAMON, A SENSE OF HUMUS - [Radishes] are the one amateur crop to be relied on. ...[F]ew are eaten, except those first prompt miraculous test cases which the gardener wipes on the seat of his overalls and eats on the spot, with no condiment but grit.

Clues and answers

A.Expert in the stuff of lifeBIOCHEMIST
B.Truffle by another nameEARTHNUT
C.Like an old field newly plantedRESOWN
D.Flower also known as the sea pink; credit union or savings and loanTHRIFT
E.Clean with water, as a sidewalk (2 wds.)HOSEDOWN
F.Pests preyed on by ladybugs and lacewingsAPHIDS
G.Native, homegrownDOMESTIC
H.Characteristic propertyATTRIBUTE
I.Edible flower rich in luteinMARIGOLD
J.Neither sunny nor rainyOVERCAST
K.Secretion attractive to pollinatorsNECTAR
L.What Yggdrasil was, in Norse mythology (2 wds.)ASHTREE
M."Just say no" or "Just do it," e.g.SLOGAN
N.Add fertilizer toENRICH
O.Side dish often flavored with rosemary (2 wds.)NEWPOTATOES
P.Bundle of barley or oatsSHEAF
Q.Landed gentry's demesneESTATE
R.Hybrid primroseOXLIP
S.Never seen before; just harvestedFRESH
T.Roughly two and a half acresHECTARE
U.Still wearing a coatUNPEELED
V.Soup whose name comes from Italian for "kind of soup"MINESTRONE
W.Begin the process of transplantingUPROOT
X.Climbing plant with fragrant flowers (2 wds.)SWEETPEA
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