Acrostic Solution for Sunday, June 10, 2007

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


BEN SCHOTT, [SCHOTT'S] FOOD AND DRINK [MISCELLANY] - Few questions have so vexed drinkers as whether to shake or stir a Martini. Shaking creates a colder drink..., but... risks diluting the ingredients... . James Bond... added insult to uncertainty by eschewing gin in favor of vodka.

Clues and answers

A.Conventionally middle-classBOURGEOIS
B.Leave to leave (2 wds.)EXITVISA
D.Archipelago whose islands include Yell and Muckle RoeSHETLAND
E.Bad situation for a king to be inCHECKMATE
F.Performance by a funambulist (2 wds., hyph.)HIGHWIREACT
G.Intimidated, cowed, unnervedOVERAWED
H.One of a pair given on 11 straight days, in songTURTLEDOVE
I.Where Washington fought after crossing the DelawareTRENTON
J.Doctor or cookFALSIFY
K.Tennessee locale nicknamed the Atomic City (2 wds.)OAKRIDGE
L.Vulture that feeds mostly on bone marrowOSSIFRAGE
M.Protracted; talked into talking (2 wds.)DRAWNOUT
N.Liquor banned in the United States since 1912ABSINTHE
O."Forget about it" (2 wds.)NEVERMIND
P.What Erebus personified, in Greek mythDARKNESS
Q.Exceedingly boring, as writing (3 wds.)DRYASDUST
R.Burger replacementREHNQUIST
S.Work of a mole, perhaps (2 wds.)INSIDEJOB
T.Narrow escape, close call (2 wds.)NEARTHING
U.Material used in making vellumKIDSKIN
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