Acrostic Solution for Sunday, May 9, 2010

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


LEO ROSTEN, THE JOYS OF YIDDISH — A neighbor... was so fierce in her maternal affections that when her no-goodnik son was arrested for some... infraction... she returned from visiting him to announce, "You never saw such a beautiful jail as my Morris is in."

Clues and answers

A.Offspring that don't resemble their parentsLARVAE
B.Related on the mother's sideENATE
C.In more than one sense, being too much of a mother?OVERBEARING
D.Abba's lyric "Mamma mia, here I go again ...," e.g.REFRAIN
E.Science concerning the sense of smellOSMICS
F.One who begs, in slangSCHNORRER
G.City whose airport is named after Mother TeresaTIRANA
H.Mother of kings Henry, Richard and JohnELEANOR
I.Like mother-of-pearlNACREOUS
J.City where Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin convened in 1943TEHRAN
K.Challenging for Luddites (hyph.)HITECH
L.Murray Hill's slice of the Big Apple (2 wds.)EASTSIDE
M.New World settlement that Lord De La Warr governedJAMESTOWN
N.Guy with a well-earned income?OILMAN
O.Site of a Pulitzer Prize-winning Neil Simon playYONKERS
P.Pint-size; cut short (hyph.)SAWNOFF
Q.Volume of reprinted worksOMNIBUS
R.Loud vendor in London's old Billingsgate marketFISHWIFE
S.Milk curdled by the action of culturesYOGURT
T.Intense blazeINFERNO
U.One whose bulb burns none too brightDIMWIT
V.Thingamabob, doohickeyDINGUS
W.Keeping abreast of one another (2 wds.)INTOUCH
X.Gumshoe, private eyeSHAMUS
Y.Get there by "shoe leather express" (2 wds.)HOOFIT
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