Acrostic Solution for Sunday, May 7, 2000

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


A(RTHUR) GOLDEN, MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA — [T]he obi...[is] nearly always made of heavy silk brocade. Just to carry it up... stairs is exhausting, so you can imagine how it feels to wear it... squeezing your middle... as if someone has strapped a traveling trunk to your back.

Clues and answers

A.Angle measured by an astrolabeAZIMUTH
B.Harsh, abrasiveGRATING
C.Gorge in Tanzania of importance in paleoanthropologyOLDUVAI
D.Conrad tale of redemption (2 wds.)LORDJIM
E.Jazz publication since 1934 (2 wds.)DOWNBEAT
F.Meant purely for entertainmentESCAPIST
G.Bit of illogicality (2 wds.)NONSEQUITUR
H.Vaguely uncomfortable feelingMALAISE
I.Claptrap, poppycockEYEWASH
J.University of Montana townMISSOULA
K.Davy Crockett's rifle (2 wds.)OLDBETSY
L.No place to gain street smarts (2 wds.)IVORYTOWER
M.Tubular, ribbed pastaRIGATONI
N.Flight on a combat missionSORTIE
O.Inappropriate; discordant (hyph.)OFFKEY
P.Showy member of the evening primrose familyFUCHSIA
Q.New Zealand bird with vestigial wingsAPTERYX
R.Tutelary, protectorGUARDIAN
S.Actively volcanic mount of AntarcticaEREBUS
T.Violinist on the sound track of 1971's "Fiddler on the Roof" (2 wds.)ISAACSTERN
U.Lacking finish, not entirely worked outSKETCHY
V.Massachusetts town where volleyball was invented in 1895HOLYOKE
W.A line in a limerickANAPEST
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