Acrostic Solution for Sunday, May 6, 2001

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


HENRY PETROSKI: THE PENCIL — [N]o single... pencil... is everyone's favorite.... The Think Big! store in New York... chooses... the Dixon Ticonderoga... as its model for a six-foot pencil.... [O]thers... claim the Faber-Castell Velvet..., or the Berol Mirado... is the number one No. 2.

Clues and answers

A.One of a breed of dairy cattleHOLSTEIN
B.Gradually changeEVOLVE
C.Two-character play that won the 1983 Pulitzer Prize for drama (2 wds.)NIGHTMOTHER
D.New York venue for the Fletcher Henderson OrchestraROSELAND
E.Much-discussed topic of 1999 (2 wds.)YKBUG
F.In a position of deep humility or obeisancePROSTRATE
G.Character played by Robert Stack and Kevin Costner (2 wds.)ELIOTNESS
H.Area in and around Chesapeake BayTIDEWATER
I.Event in the Hindu cycle of samsaraREBIRTH
J.Replica room at the Truman Library (2 wds.)OVALOFFICE
K.General for whom the largest known living tree is namedSHERMAN
L.Caitiff, scoundrelKNAVE
M.Couch potato's companion (2 wds.)IDIOTBOX
N.Subject of many daily radio reportsTRAFFIC
O.Native intelligence (2 wds.)HORSESENSE
P.Pursuit of some NASA researchersEXOBIOLOGY
Q.Lacking meaning; rounded at the endPOINTLESS
R.Title of paintings by Titian and Correggio (2 wds.)ECCEHOMO
S.Wise old hero at TroyNESTOR
T.Member of a Dixieland frontlineCLARINET
U.1992 film with Catherine DeneuveINDOCHINE
V.Stir-fried dish with noodles (2 wds.)LOMEIN
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