Acrostic Solution for Sunday, May 5, 2013

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


DEAN OLSHER, FROM SQUARE ONE — A puzzle is not about anything. It is just an experience, with an arbitrary beginning, middle, and end that are unique for each solver. ... We enjoy bursts of insight as we hopscotch over islands of meaning, and then it's over.

Clues and answers

A.Venue for some divingDUMPSTER
B.Have a mental picture ofENVISAGE
C.To spare, galoreAPLENTY
D.Superman inventorNIETZSCHE
E.The fictional Hiawatha's tribeOJIBWA
F.Suffer humiliation (2 wds.)LOSEFACE
G.Fit, as into a tight spotSHOEHORN
H.Far from affectionateHOSTILE
I.Site of the first lady's office (2 wds.)EASTWING
J.Deep and strong, vocallyRESONANT
K.Coin last minted in 1956FARTHING
L.Bank-to-bank deposit?RIVERBED
M.Imperviousness to lightOPACITY
N.Broadway theater where "Camelot" premieredMAJESTIC
O.Many an obelisk, functionallySUNDIAL
P.Fact-based 1994 film revolving around a scandal (2 wds.)QUIZSHOW
Q.Free; loose-leafUNBOUND
R.Thrash metal band with Joey BelladonnaANTHRAX
S.Sport that may involve blowing something upRAFTING
T."Laugh-In" character with a doll named Doris (2 wds.)EDITHANN
U.Warbler whose nest is a dome on the groundOVENBIRD
V.Trivial, of no consequenceNUGATORY
W.Eponym of element #99EINSTEIN
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