Acrostic Solution for Sunday, May 5, 2002

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


A.S. BYATT, ANGELS AND INSECTS — I was... struck by the universal incapacity of Amazon Indians to imagine a community which did not reside on the banks of a vast river. They are not capable of asking, "Do you live on a river?" only "What is your river like?"

Clues and answers

A.Like Tennyson's "Idylls of the King"ARTHURIAN
B.Common ingredient in Japanese cookingSHIITAKE
C.Complex, intricate; characterized by schemingBYZANTINE
D.Frank ___, winner of the first Grammy for polka, 1986YANKOVIC
E.Become troublesome (2 wds.)ACTUP
F.The winged sandals of HermesTALARIA
G.Newscaster in colonial times (2 wds.)TOWNCRIER
H.Individual with both male and female characteristicsANDROGYNE
I.Religious thinker who wrote "Moral Man and Immoral Society" in 1932NIEBUHR
J.Protector, defenderGUARDIAN
K.Efficient, sparing or concise use, as of wordsECONOMY
L.One who's energetic and excitable (2 wds.)LIVEWIRE
M.Automatic alternative (2 wds.)STICKSHIFT
N.Canadian author of "The Edible Woman" and "Bluebeard's Egg"ATWOOD
O.Offensive; noxiousNOISOME
P.Split, apportion (2 wds.)DIVVYUP
Q.Writing material made from lampblack (2 wds.)INDIAINK
R.Jeremy ___, actor in "The Winslow Boy" and "An Ideal Husband"NORTHAM
S.Triangular turnover in Indian cuisineSAMOSA
T.Hexing power (2 wds.)EVILEYE
U.Plant of the mustard family used as a garnishCRESS
V.Chest of drawers; long-stemmed gobletTALLBOY
W.Be on one's way (2 wds.)SHOVEOFF
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