Acrostic Solution for Sunday, May 4, 2014

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


DANIEL TAMMET, BORN ON A BLUE DAY — I see numbers as shapes, colors, textures and motions. The number 1, for example, is a brilliant and bright white.... Five is a clap of thunder or the sound of waves crashing against rocks. Thirty-seven is lumpy like porridge.

Clues and answers

A.Checkers, in EnglandDRAUGHTS
B.When foolery may be planned (2 wds.)APRIL
C.Leave at a loss as to what to thinkNONPLUS
D.Addition, with respect to subtractionINVERSE
E.Film clip or block quoteEXCERPT
F.Fourth-highest peak on Earth, on the border between Tibet and NepalLHOTSE
G.Misanthrope of history and dramaTIMON
H.Disorder affecting the author of this puzzle's quoteAUTISM
I.Loose-lipped household guardMASTIFF
J.Start of a new dayMIDNIGHT
K.Occupy completelyENGROSS
L.Like arid land or absorbent towelsTHIRSTY
M.Buttery bunBRIOCHE
N.Shady area that's pro-growth?ORCHARD
O.Poet shot and wounded by VerlaineRIMBAUD
P.Whale's blowholes, e.g.NOSTRILS
Q.General summaryOVERVIEW
R.Piece that is 75% copperNICKEL
S.Mythical progenitor of the Roman peopleAENEAS
T.Erudite, scholarly, well-readBOOKISH
V.Foolish, lacking in good senseUNWISE
W.Specific, as a purposeEXPRESS
X.Girl's name that's also the name of a fragrant evergreen shrubDAPHNE
Y.Home visit? (hyph.)ATBAT
Z."You can steer ___ any direction you choose" (Dr. Seuss)YOURSELF
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