Acrostic Solution for Sunday, May 31, 2015

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


RANDY KENNEDY, SUBWAYLAND — [W]orkers have come across all manner of humanity in the subway over the years. Like the homeless man who liked to sit at a Y in the tracks, in a lawn chair, with a battery-powered light, reading The Wall Street Journal.

Clues and answers

A.Part of Queens served by the A trainROCKAWAY
B.Ventilation aid for an underground transportation system (2 wds.)AIRSHAFT
C.Not terribly old, fairly recentNEWISH
D.Weapon Nikola Tesla supposedly made (2 wds.)DEATHRAY
E.Vociferous cry of protestYOWL
F.Winner of the first Tony for Best Original Score (2 wds.)KURTWEILL
G.Bay State symbol (2 wds.)ELMTREE
H.Ruff, muffler, bandanna or boaNECKWEAR
I.Underground; deep-belowNETHER
J.Beyoncé's role in "Cadillac Records" (2 wds.)ETTAJAMES
K.Intended for sale to hoi polloi (hyph.)DOWNMARKET
L.New York alma mater for Chaim PotokYESHIVA
M.Event generating a huge amount of buzzSENSATION
N.Father of "the once and future king"UTHER
O.Product made by Parker and PentelBALLPOINT
P.McCarthyite pursuit (2 wds.)WITCHHUNT
Q.Procedure for solving a problemALGORITHM
R.Resort city on the Black SeaYALTA
S.Over-the-top verbosityLOGORRHEA
T.Ingredients in tapenade and Caesar saladANCHOVIES
U.Eponymous founder of a Copenhagen research institute (2 wds.)NIELSBOHR
V.Cup from which Turkish coffee is drunkDEMITASSE
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