Acrostic Solution for Sunday, May 30, 2004

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


PETER SCHICKELE, (THE DEFINITIVE BIOGRAPHY OF) P.D.Q. BACH — P.D.Q. invented a technique for playing arpeggios... on the foot pedals of an organ; the technique, known as the "tootsie roll," is now standard practice... and... stood P.D.Q. in good stead when it came to writing for the bicycle.

Clues and answers

A.Featuring two or more melodic parts played togetherPOLYPHONIC
C.Spawn of a supercell thunderstormTORNADO
D.One whose testimony may be valuedEYEWITNESS
E.Standing on a scaleRATING
F.Form with the pattern abba/abba/cdecdeSONNET
G.Pertaining to the mythical underworldCHTHONIC
H.Gossipy rival of Louella Parsons (2 wds.)HEDDAHOPPER
I.Psychometric evaluation (2 wds.)IQTEST
J.Remove, as an item from the agenda (2 wds.)CROSSOFF
K.Work often employing purlsKNITTING
L.Be deliberately ambiguous in order to misleadEQUIVOCATE
M.March account of 1868 (2 wds.)LITTLEWOMEN
N.Providers of structure, emulsifying and leavening for bakers (2 wds.)EGGWHITES
O.An authoritarian unconstrained by lawPOTENTATE
P.Repast for a pug, perhaps (2 wds.)DOGFOOD
Q.Pan-Arabist dictator who seized power in 1969QADDAFI
R.___ Lodge, Native American name for the monolith Devils Tower, in WyomingBEARS
S.Riding on a board pulled by a speedboatAQUAPLANING
T.Tauromachian spectacleCORRIDA
U.Restrain, as noise; keep, as a job (2 wds.)HOLDDOWN
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