Acrostic Solution for Sunday, May 3, 2015

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(SANDRA) HEMPEL, THE INHERITOR'S POWDER — Opium was sold... in a... solution called laudanum, which... cost about the same as a pint of beer. ... [G]allons of Godfrey's Cordial, a blend of opium, treacle and spices..., were poured down infants' throats during the nineteenth century... .

Clues and answers

A.Aquatic plant's anchoring partHOLDFAST
B.Bliss, euphoria, joyELATION
D.Activity for a cabalist or a navigatorPLOTTING
E.Dodge or duck; baffleELUDE
F.No. 2, for example (2 wds.)LEADPENCIL
G.Not apt to ruffle feathersTACTFUL
H.Large brass instrument resting on the shoulderHELICON
I.Public walk along a shoreESPLANADE
J.Anvil in the middle earINCUS
K.Like the invasion of 1066NORMAN
L.Fatal flaw of many Greek heroesHUBRIS
M.Get less intense, let up (2 wds.)EASEOFF
N.Stronghold from which to repel an attackREDOUBT
O.Safe, harmless, not to be fearedINNOCUOUS
P.Frugal sort, unflatteringlyTIGHTWAD
Q.Bit of gossip (2 wds.)ONDIT
R.Out of control; on the lamRUNAWAY
S.Has some intriguing ideas?SCHEMES
T.Acquire, pick up, manage to getPROCURE
U.Study of birds' eggsOOLOGY
V.Detached, reserved, shyWITHDRAWN
W.Evidence against an assertionDISPROOF
X.Words on a Wonderland cake (2 wds.)EATME
Y.Poison also known as white arsenicRATSBANE
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