Acrostic Solution for Sunday, May 29, 2016

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


JOSHUA FOER, MOONWALKING (WITH EINSTEIN) — [O]ur memories do a pretty darn good job. For all of our griping over the everyday failings of our memories — the misplaced keys, the forgotten name, the factoid stuck on the tip of the tongue — ... we forget how rarely we forget.

Clues and answers

A.Easy gait (2 wds.)JOGTROT
B.Nature-loving, at home in the wildernessOUTDOORSY
C.Tread the tourist trailSIGHTSEE
D.Break in rugby but not in cricketHALFTIME
E.Classic Vittorio De Sica film of 1952 (2 wds.)UMBERTOD
F."Early in life I had to choose between honest ____ and hypocritical humility" (Frank Lloyd Wright)ARROGANCE
G.Kind of sugar derived from sugar cane or cornFRUCTOSE
H.Artistic resident of Ghost RanchOKEEFFE
I.Canine in the upper jawEYETOOTH
J.It would seem, as rumor has itREPUTEDLY
K.Tree featured on the Belizean flagMAHOGANY
L.Wide of the mark (hyph.)OFFTARGET
M.One versatile in eating habitsOMNIVORE
N.Date destination, maybeNIGHTSPOT
O.Obsolescent list of numbers (2 wds.)WHITEPAGES
P.Bit of back matter in a bookAFTERWORD
Q.Eminent person; the sun or the moon, to astrologersLUMINARY
R.Neckwear for Speedy GonzalezKERCHIEF
S.Common descriptor in advertisingIMPROVED
T.Legman Archie Goodwin's boss, in books and movies (2 wds.)NEROWOLFE
U.Either of Gilbert and Sullivan's Palmieri brothersGONDOLIER
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