Acrostic Solution for Sunday, May 29, 2005

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


LYNDA BARRY, ONE HUNDRED DEMONS — I... always noticed the smell of... houses... . When I was a kid... our house smelled like grease and fish and cigs, like... pork and dogs, like all the wild food my grandma boiled... . And if they could get that into a spray can, I'd buy it.

Clues and answers

A.With Z, group of deep structures in the brain associated with memory and emotionLIMBIC
B.Eastern figure in cryptozoologyYETI
C.The feeling of "There's no place like home"NOSTALGIA
D.Bauble or gadgetDOODAD
E.Almond-shaped mass of gray matter, part of the Answer A ZAMYGDALA
F.Western figure of cryptozoologyBIGFOOT
G.Woes for a gardenerAPHIDS
H.Garden salad ingredientsRADISHES
I.Delta, Saturn or TaurusROCKET
K.Sense involved in this puzzle's quotationOLFACTION
L.Language of the AztecsNAHUATL
M.Action often taken to shorten a quotationELLIPSIS
N.Occasion for some fiddlingHOEDOWN
O.Instrument whose name means "leaping flea," from its player's quick fingeringUKULELE
Q.Postprandial choreDISHES
R.Pertaining to the noseRHINAL
S.Kitchen implement made of wire (2 wds.)EGGWHISK
T.Problem involving scalesDANDRUFF
U.Term of address for a slicker or slackerDUDE
V.Collection of stories from the early 13th centuryEDDA
W.Good name for a welcoming fellow?MATT
X.Site of a strike (2 wds.)OILWELL
Y.With J, team once called the Highlanders (2 wds.)NEWYORK
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