Acrostic Solution for Sunday, May 28, 2017

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


SARA LEWIS, SILENT SPARKS — [B]irds, toads, and mice show classic aversion reactions to fireflies — they wipe off their snouts or beaks, gag, and run away. So... evidence suggests that... bioluminescence first evolved to help baby fireflies ward off predators... .

Clues and answers

A."Oedipus Rex" playwrightSOPHOCLES
B.Pledge; lack of doubt, certitudeASSURANCE
C.Gaunt, having a lean physiqueRAWBONED
D.Hazardous waste from many a demolition siteASBESTOS
E.Candy invented in 1912 by the father of poet Hart Crane (2 wds.)LIFESAVER
F.Rite whose name is Greek for "thanksgiving"EUCHARIST
G.Winner of 26 Academy Awards (2 wds.)WALTDISNEY
H.Echidna, swallow or pitcher plant, e.g.INSECTIVORE
I.Taking place on a cruiseSHIPBOARD
J.Find by carefully looking (2 wds.)SEARCHOUT
K.Recognize; regard oneselfIDENTIFY
L.Like the abyssal and hadal zones of the oceanLOWERMOST
M.Producing results; as of the dateEFFECTIVE
N.Cause for sleeplessness, oftenNEWBORN
O.B.C., Alley Oop or one of the FlintstonesTROGLODYTE
P.Behind-the-scenes workerSTAGEHAND
Q.Tenet shared by Tolstoy and GandhiPACIFISM
R.Referred to in the pastAFORESAID
S.Turn down; polish again?REBUFF
T.Attire needed for dealing with sensitive sorts? (2 wds.)KIDGLOVES
U.Theophilus Thistle's task in a famous tongue twisterSIFTING
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