Acrostic Solution for Sunday, May 27, 2018

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(JACKIE) STEWART, FASTER! A RACER'S DIARY — When some people speak of speed in conjunction with racing, they... don't know what they're talking about. Two hundred... miles an hour in a Formula I car... is literally like eighty... on the highway. The car is made to go that fast.

Clues and answers

A.Obviously pregnantSHOWING
B.Betraying nerves or impatienceTWITCHY
C.Renewable additive for gasETHANOL
D.Express one's opinion on a matter (2 wds.)WEIGHIN
E.Surface for a hard trackASPHALT
F.Come from behind? (hyph.)REAREND
G.Idiot, bozo, lunkheadTOMFOOL
H.Exhibiting extreme anxietyFRANTIC
I.Break off for the presentADJOURN
J.Rescue cable dropped from a helicopterSKYHOOK
K.Track alongside a canalTOWPATH
L."Farewell to Model T" essayist (3 wds.)EBWHITE
M.Poorly constructed and threatening to collapseRICKETY
N.Belief in disbeliefATHEISM
O.Go wild? (2 wds.)ROUGHIT
P.Became receptive; conditionedATTUNED
Q.Spiral cavity in the inner earCOCHLEA
S.Baking dishRAMEKIN
T.Heavy-coated herding dog, informallySHELTIE
U.Mastered, as a routine (2 wds.)DOWNPAT
V.Location of the Brickyard's "Snake Pit" areaINFIELD
W.Standing the test of timeAGELESS
X.Multi-time Grand Prix winnerRENAULT
Y.Rocket from China landing in Houston in 2002 (2 wds.)YAOMING
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