Acrostic Solution for Sunday, May 27, 2007

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(ELOISE) RISTAD, A SOPRANO ON HER HEAD — It is in performance that... we... court the very experience that terrifies us. ... A well-meaning friend says, "There's nothing to get nervous about," and it almost helps, because the desire to strangle distracts us for the moment.

Clues and answers

A.Platform for public speakingROSTRUM
B.Out of one's comfort zoneINSECURE
C.Feel a frisson; trembleSHIVER
D.Become tense and stiffTAUTEN
E.Gathering of peopleASSEMBLY
F.Lacking self-confidence; reservedDIFFIDENT
G.Olympics participantATHLETE
H.Wistful number from "West Side Story"SOMEWHERE
I.Behind the scenesOFFSTAGE
J.Titanic model for Shelley's FrankensteinPROMETHEUS
K.Declamatory style of singingRECITATIVE
L.Glossophobe's feeling about public speakingANXIETY
M.Oscar-winning director and ex-member of a comedy duoNICHOLS
N.Repeated musical phrase, as the two-note theme in "Jaws"OSTINATO
O.Drapery material named for a German city where it was originally madeOSNABURG
P.Pulp paper used for daily journalismNEWSPRINT
Q.Dramatic character who speaks the line "Words, words, words"HAMLET
R.Polarized material used in microphones and copy machinesELECTRET
S.Emmy-winning actor in "The Larry Sanders Show" (2 wds.)RIPTORN
T.Played emceeHOSTED
U.Brief show between sections of a longer showENTRACTE
V.Character killed by Orestes in Euripides' "Electra"AEGISTHUS
W.Cause for a red lightDANGER
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