Acrostic Solution for Sunday, May 25, 2008

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


RICHARD (D.) ALTICK, TO BE IN ENGLAND — [A]s vulgarizers the British are... incompetent. If they invent cheap gewgaws for people to take home as mementos of their... visit to the Bard's shrine, they immediately salve their conscience by planting more flower gardens.

Clues and answers

A.Symbol worn on St. George's Day (2 wds.)REDROSE
B.Scrimshaw materialIVORY
C.Olivier's co-star in "Sleuth"CAINE
D.Early evening meal (2 wds.)HIGHTEA
E.Member of an empire conquered by CortesAZTEC
F.Negative response from an inviteeREGRETS
G.Walter Raleigh's constituency in ParliamentDEVONSHIRE
H.Blazing; keenly excitedAFLAME
I.Dishcloth gourd, vegetable spongeLOOFAH
J.Speak after swearingTESTIFY
K.Popular shade-loving annualIMPATIENS
L.Gem with a light-reflecting band (hyph.)CATSEYE
M.Moan and groan, bellyacheKVETCH
N.Able to endure hardship; broad-mindedTOLERANT
O.Shock and awe; swampOVERWHELM
P.Port on the River AvonBRISTOL
Q.Table used by astrologers and navigatorsEPHEMERIS
R.Jacques ___, composer for Orson Welles's "Macbeth"IBERT
S.Arranged like matryoshka dollsNESTING
T.Quintessence, archetypeEPITOME
U.Striped marsupial with a taste for termitesNUMBAT
V.Place purveying souvenirs and such (2 wds.)GIFTSHOP
W.From stem to sternLENGTHWISE
X.Not for the uninitiatedARCANE
Y.Larva of an insect; graceful young womanNYMPH
Z.Repudiate, renounceDISOWN
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