Acrostic Solution for Sunday, May 24, 2009

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(CHARLES) DARWIN, THE VOYAGE OF THE BEAGLE — A strong desire is always felt to ascertain whether any human being has previously visited an unfrequented spot. A bit of wood with a nail in it, is picked up and studied as if it were covered with hieroglyphics.

Clues and answers

A.One allure of explorationDISCOVERY
B.Another allure of explorationADVENTURE
C.A perhaps less noble allure of explorationREWARD
D.River explored by David Livingstone (2 wds.)WHITENILE
E.Keen sagacity; knowledge not taughtINTUITION
F.Organism's place in its communityNICHE
G.Island reached by captains Cook and BlighTAHITI
H.Ship wrecked on "the reef of Norman's Woe"HESPERUS
I.Integration of life forms and environmentECOSYSTEM
J.Author of "From the Earth to the Moon"VERNE
K.Dark material formed by the cooling of molten lavaOBSIDIAN
L."I sound my barbaric ___ over the roofs of the world" (Walt Whitman)YAWP
M.Course of evolutionADAPTATION
N.Philip ___, music composer for the film "Koyaanisqatsi"GLASS
O.Of or relating to the soilEDAPHIC
P.Equip, as a vessel for a journeyOUTFIT
Q.Pursuit of a piscatorFISHING
R.Sap-sucking bug unchanged in the plural THRIPS
S.Sound from a startled tortoiseHISS
T.Of affairs from ass to zebra?EQUINE
U.Dog, in baby talkBOWWOW
V.Cry of one suddenly illuminatedEUREKA
W.Not in control of one's marine courseADRIFT
X.Vexer of livestock; persistent criticGADFLY
Y.TV drama set on a remote tropical islandLOST
Z.Browser with spiral hornsELAND
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