Acrostic Solution for Sunday, May 23, 2010

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


BART PLANTENGA, YODEL-AY-EE-OOOO — Other vocals may tinker with falsetto, trill, and vibrato, but it's that abrupt, almost rude, leap across the cavern of pitch that makes the yodel yodel. Simply put: no glottal jolt, no yodel. Everything else is secondary.

Clues and answers

A.Sprout forth; mushroomBURGEON
B.Like Clark Kent and Little Orphan AnnieADOPTED
C.Rise up in a dramatic wayREVOLT
D.Blobs examined by E.N.T.'sTONSILS
E.Relating to speech soundsPHONIC
F.Over the top in generosityLAVISH
G.Motion studied in a wind tunnelAIRFLOW
H.Gibble-gabble, yak, jawNATTER
I.Place where you might find a frogTHROAT
J.Mountain nymph who pined for NarcissusECHO
K.Rubber chicken or nose flute, e.g.NOVELTY
L.1982 biopic that won eight OscarsGANDHI
M.Area of expertise for Dumbledore of HogwartsALCHEMY
N.Foes of the Bosox; jerksYANKS
O.Frontier settlementOUTPOST
P.A bit too well ventilatedDRAFTY
Q.Another name for an abalone (2 wds.)EARSHELL
R.Some 600 works by SchubertLIEDER
S.Condition whose name is Greek for "a panting"ASTHMA
T.Actress Mimieux who played Weena in "The Time Machine"YVETTE
U.Mere words; flummery and blatherskite (2 wds.)EMPTYTALK
V.Supercilious, high-and-mightyELITIST
W.Move in the manner of a pendulumOSCILLATE
X.Item on a mantel or etagere, maybe (2 wds.)OBJETDART
Y.Martian peak almost three times as tall as EverestOLYMPUS
Z.Block from view; choke or clogOBSTRUCT
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