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Acrostic Solution for Sunday, May 22, 2022

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(AMY) LEACH, THE EVERYBODY ENSEMBLE--[W]hat would a book or a song or a kangaroo be without finitude? Isn't it their impermanence that gives kangaroos that je ne sais quoi? Doesn't our transitory condition lend an endearing quality to almost anything we do?

Clues and answers

A.Magnetically levitated island in "Gulliver's Travels"LAPUTA
B.Impetus for fault-finding?EARTHQUAKE
C.Jazz pianist with famously fast fingers (2 wds.)ARTTATUM
D.Think deep thoughts, ponderCOGITATE
E.British physicist who received a U.S. Presidential Medal of FreedomHAWKING
F.Test of versatile enduranceTRIATHLON
G.Spirit connected with Pentecost (2 wds.)HOLYGHOST
H.Balanced formulaEQUATION
I.Southern constellation; river of HadesERIDANUS
J.Form of black magic; mojoVOODOO
K.Key in which "Eleanor Rigby" was composed (2 wds.)EMINOR
L.Site of a key discovery in EgyptologyROSETTA
M.Territory whose capital is WhitehorseYUKON
N.Box cameras first sold by Kodak in 1900 for $1 apieceBROWNIES
O.Traveling sans transportation (2 wds.)ONFOOT
P.Australian port on Beagle GulfDARWIN
Q.Eastern mysticYOGI
R.It brought Mary Poppins to the Banks home (2 wds.)EASTWIND
S.Secret agent a.k.a. shinobiNINJA
T.Stopping point on a transportation routeSTATION
U.M. C. with a flair for paradoxESCHER
V.Insect whose name means "prophet"MANTIS
W.Musical about a village appearing just one day per centuryBRIGADOON
X.Didn't ignore someoneLISTENED
Y.Conclusion, denouement, windupENDING
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