Acrostic Solution for Sunday, May 22, 2011

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


MAIDA SILVERMAN, A CITY HERBAL — Clover is... from the Latin clava, meaning... cudgel... attributed to the resemblance the leaflets bore to the... Club of Hercules which had three prominent knobs... This... is the origin of the suit of clubs in the playing-card deck.

Clues and answers

A.Expected delivererMESSIAH
B.Like a bon mot with a biteACERBIC
C.Due to get a whipping, maybe (2 wds.)INDUTCH
D.Spread out in all directionsDIFFUSE
E.River crossed by Charon's ferryACHERON
F.Emblem in the Boston Celtics logoSHAMROCK
G.Analytic tool involving free associationINKBLOT
H.Event after a countdownLIFTOFF
I.Apt to say or write a thing in a lot more words than one may really needVERBOSE
J.Subject to magical influenceENCHANT
K.Ticket stub, for exampleRECEIPT
L.Peppermint oil derivative felt to be soothingMENTHOL
M.Mound of debris piled up by digging workersANTHILL
N.Like some wrecks and breakdownsNERVOUS
O.Superior, in slang (2 wds.)ALLTHAT
P.Cigar having open, untapered endsCHEROOT
Q.Force associated with a moving bodyIMPETUS
S.Year-end burner (2 wds.)YULELOG
U.Search for items to put in a basket (2 wds.)EGGHUNT
V.Hockey rink bisector (2 wds.)REDLINE
W.Spellbind with paranormal powersBEWITCH
X.Condense, digestABRIDGE
Y.Creature whose tail is prized by gourmetsLOBSTER
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